Joint Declaration

Since the end of 2022, the GIFS Initiative has expressed its ambitions with a Joint Declaration.

Key stakeholders of the Indian financial system have already signed it.

The Joint Declaration is the GIFS Initiative deliverable that both closes the 2022 chapter, after a year of activity, and opens a new one in 2023 with a stronger and ambitious community.

The Joint Declaration is an endeavor for the GIFS Community to strive to facilitate dialogues and discussions on greening the Indian financial system involving stakeholders and achieve identification of priority areas for India’s climate finance actors. It enjoins its signatories to deepen its knowledge, disseminate it widely and document actionable good practices from the green perspective and financing climate risks.

It also recognizes that capacity building of supply (lenders/bankers’ side) and demand side (the entrepreneurs, stakeholders) along with key enablers--the policy maker -- is critical to the path of greening the financial system.