Greening the finance to finance green

An Indo-European platform for the Indian financial ecosystem to work towards India’s low-carbon and resilient transition.

The Green Indian Financial System Initiative

The Green Indian Financial System (GIFS) Initiative enhances the participation of the entire Indian financial ecosystem in the low-carbon and resillient transition & in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement agenda.

As the greening of the financial system is increasingly recognized as a critical driver to achieve these objectives, the mission of the GIFS Initiative is to provide the tools, knowledge and network for the practitioners of the entire Indian financial sector to take decisive actions and prepare for the transition, and for the risks and opportunities arising from it.

What we do?

While the GIFS Initiative supports the acceleration of climate finance, it specifically covers the greening of the financial system.

How can actors can factor-in risks emerging from climate change and low-carbon transition? How harmonized disclosure and taxonomies can enable smooth climate financial flows? How to collect, manage and analyze data?

To provide some answers to these questions, the GIFS Initiative has covered topics ranging from from climate finance strategies, climate-related and transition risks, to taxonomy, disclosure and biodiversity over the course of 2022.

  • Community Networking

    The GIFS Initiative believes that only a strong and aligned community of stakeholders and practitioners can scale up climate finance. The Initiative has been built on a large and diversified community of Indian, French and European expert, to maximize the synergies between them.
  • Knowledge & Experience Sharing

    Whether it is through formal exchanges – during conferences, panel discussion – or more informal during various GIFS Initiative events, the Initiative has been keen on promoting active discussions and sharing of good practices.
  • Training & Capacity Building

    Participants of the GIFS Initiative can benefit from tailor-made or transversal trainings with peers – again using both Indian, emerging countries and European expertise to serve best the needs and expectations of the community.

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