13th February, 2023

SBI, The Indian Bank Association and IndusInd Bank sign the GIFS Joint Declaration

On February 13th, the State Bank of India (SBI) became the 6th signatory of the GIFS Joint Declaration. A delegation, led by the Managing Director of the State Bank of India, Mr. Tewari, visited AFD headquarters in Paris, to kick start a strengthened partnership on climate finance between the GIFS Initiative, represented by AFD, and SBI. The Indian Bank’s Association (IBA), representing more than 200 private and public banks, and IndusInd Bank, had already signed the joint declaration on November 28, 2023, during the last GIFS Initiative event. GIFS Initiative’s co-hosts, AFD, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation and SIDBI, also signed this declaration. The Joint Declaration enjoins its signatories and the GIFS community to keep working towards enhancing greener financial systems and highlight the climate change impact on banking and financial activities, and to deepen its knowledge, disseminate it widely and document actionable good practices from the green perspective and financing climate risks. The Joint Declaration will also be key in strengthening the GIFS community in 2023, and reinforce the experience, knowledge and network sharing in the coming months. The GIFS Initiative expects more signatories on the Joint Declaration.
This declaration will pave the way to additional GIFS Initiative’s activities in 2023 – read it out here.